College for Kids
A Summer Exploration, Inc.


A limited amount of financial assistance is available.  Scholarships are awarded solely on the basis of eligibility and financial need.  To request an application, please e-mail or call (573) 642-2935 with your name and mailing address.  Applicants must apply before April 20, 2017 and be admitted to College for Kids A Summer Exploration, Inc. before the application for financial assistance will be considered.  Decisions will be made by the end of April.  College for Kids honors current and former teachers by awarding scholarships in their names.  This year's scholarships will be presented on behalf of:

                  -Patty Avery                -Greg Irwin
                     -Vicky Bennett             -Helen Jarvis  
                     -Earlene Britton           -Lynn Melton
                     -Ruthie Caplinger        -George Vellios
                     -Michelle Holtmeyer    -Whitney Wrast

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